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Veterans Compensation

Veterans may file a claim with the Veterans Administration (VA) for disability compensation for health problems they believe are related to mefloquine use during military service, including for certain chronic neurological and psychiatric conditions highlighted in the U.S. FDA mefloquine boxed warning. Dr. Nevin is a former military public health physician and has experience evaluating claims of military service connection and preparing nexus letters for cases related to mefloquine exposure. Veterans with questions related to VA mefloquine disability claims are encouraged to contact Dr. Nevin to discuss their case or for further information. Nexus letter preparation is available for a fee after a free initial consultation.

Expert Consultation

Dr. Nevin is available for attorney consultation and to provide expert witness assistance with cases related to antimalarial toxicity. A current fee schedule is available. Dr. Nevin has significant experience consulting on civil and criminal cases and has co-authored the definitive reference on the forensic application of claims of mefloquine intoxication and neurotoxicity in legal settings. For forensic psychiatric assistance, Dr. Nevin is pleased to make referrals to colleagues with specific expertise in this area. 

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Scientists, physicians, and interested members of the public may contact Dr. Nevin for electronic reprints of his publications or for specific questions related to his research. Members of the media may also contact Dr. Nevin for questions related to his research or for short-notice interview requests.