Remington Nevin, MD, MPH, DrPH

Consultant Physician Epidemiologist

Board Certified in Public Health & General Preventive Medicine and in

Occupational Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and

Certified in Public Health by the National Board of Public Health Examiners

Dr. Nevin has significant experience consulting in both civil and criminal cases and has successfully aided attorney clients in reaching reaching favorable settlements and favorable decisions in cases requiring expert opinion in occupational medicine, public health and preventive medicine, travel medicine, and epidemiology.

Review Dr. Nevin's current listing in the SEAK Expert Witness Directory to learn more. A current fee schedule is available, and initial email or telephone consultations are always offered to attorneys and their representatives at no charge.

Dr. Nevin is pleased to offer his expert services to attorneys in the preparation of concise independent causation reports in administrative cases, and is available to provide domestic and international attorney medicolegal consultation, including detailed report writing, and to provide expert witness assistance at deposition or trial for more complex cases.

Expert Medicolegal Consultation Services

Dr. Nevin's professional services are highly rated for his unrivaled qualifications and experience, and for his attentiveness to his clients' needs.

As an epidemiologist and public health and preventive medicine physician, Dr. Nevin is a specialist in identifying the underlying causes of disease and disability, including the harmful effects of various military exposures. As a board-certied occupational medicine physician, Dr. Nevin is also a specialist in assessing and rating functional impairment and disability.

Dr. Nevin's unique combination of education, training, and experience permit him to offer his attorney and veteran clients expert, authoritative medical opinions, backed by appropriate scientific literature, written to appropriate medicolegal standards.

Dr. Nevin's authoritative medical opinions have been favorably cited by VA examiners in service-connected disability ratings for diseases related to military occupational toxic exposures such as Agent Orange, fuels and solvents, burn pits, and contaminated water, not subject to PACT Act, Camp Lejeune, Gulf War, or Vietnam War-era presumptions. Dr. Nevin's opinions have also been favorably cited by VA examiners in routine primary and secondary service-connected ratings for injuries and illnesses caused or aggravated by military service, including obstructive sleep apnea, musculoskeletal conditions, and cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and reproductive conditions.

Dr. Nevin's services are primarily of interest to veterans seeking expert, authoritative rebuttals when causation is contested, and service connection has been denied following unfavorable VA or contracted disability evaluation.  

For veterans who have been wrongly denied their claims, Dr. Nevin takes the time to thoroughly review the entire file, including past disabilty evaluations, to fully understand the case, and to identify areas subject to rebuttal.

Dr. Nevin's fees vary with the complexity and urgency of a case. Dr. Nevin's typical report fees begin at $1000, with limited free or discounted assistance available for veterans facing financial difficulties.  

Please feel free to contact Dr. Nevin directly for a free initial consultation. Dr. Nevin is always happy to hear from veterans and to discuss a case at no obligation.

Nexus Letter and Independent Medical Opinion Report Services for VA Disability Compensation

From his offices in rural Vermont, Dr. Nevin provides expert medicolegal consultation services for attorney and veteran clients across the United States and the world.  

Always available for free initial telephone or email consultation, Dr. Nevin has been retained by leading law firms and by individual veteran and civilian clients in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Nevin maintains a clinical office in the historic Gates-Briggs building, in the village of White River Junction, Vermont, and a primary consulting office at his home in the historic mill district of the nearby village of Quechee, Vermont.

Dr. Nevin's Services

Dr. Nevin is a former U.S. Army Medical Corps physician epidemiologist with ten years active duty experience, with deployments to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division and to Africa with U.S. Army Civil Affairs units.

A graduate of the U.S. military's Uniformed Services University School of Medicine and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research General Preventive Medicine Residency, Dr. Nevin is highly published and widely cited in the domestic and international popular media and scientific literature for his expertise on public health issues affecting veterans.